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12 Week Bulking Program - Full Program and Nutritonal Inforamtion

This program originated from bodybuilding.com, I’ve compiled this here in an easy XML Spread sheet for download for those wishing to follow the 12 week program. The Spread sheet includes all 12 weeks with space to print and log your weights; it also contains a calculator to work out your protein, carb, fat and calorie intake for your bodyweight.

This is a 12 week Program filled with heavy compound movements intended to put muscle mass on your frame. each week will see you performing the same exercises with varying sets and reps for example week 1 will be 2 sets of 12-15 reps to failure, Monday will be an Upper body workout (1) Tuesday a Lower body workout (1) Wednesday Cardio and rest day Thursday an upper body workout (2) Friday a lower body workout (2) Saturday a Cardio and Rest day and Sunday a Rest Day.

First of all you’re going to want to download this XML Spread sheet or the PDF from the links below.

This Spread sheet is compiled to contain everything you need for the next 12 weeks, it includes a workout tracker for each week for you to document your progress and can be printed to take to the gym.

The original program including videos can be found at: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/12-week-daily-bulking-trainer-01.htm - however i will include all relevant information here (videos are only available on Bodybuilding.com)


Spread Sheet Download

This Also includes a calculator that works out your daily intake neded and what that equals when spread between 5 meals a day (for those familiar with excel you can add/remove meals and change protein per lb of body weight)

This is great if your like me and like to have a document on your computer to keep a log.

PDF Download

can be opened in Adobe Acrobat and oterh PDF readers, great for printing off to take to the gym or just to read through fast if you dont have a program capable of opening the XML spread sheet (microsoft excel)

Below is a week by week breakdown of the training program, this is for people who dont want to download the spreadsheet or dont have any way to view XML documents (microsoft excel) this is a basic table showing each weeks workout breakdown, all excercises including rep and set ranges.

Week 1 And 6 and 12

These weeks are all the same in the amount of sets you will be doing however weeks 6 and 12 will only be 1 heavy set instead of 2, week 1 is to ease you into training and allow you to work 2 sets to failure while you work out the weight you can lift to that rep range. Week 6 and 12 will be "Deload" weeks which are sinle set reps to promote recovery after the previous weeks.

Week 2 and 7

The second week and Seventh week will carry the same sets and reps, the weight should be heavier on the seventh week as you are looking to better the weight rpeviously liften on your second week.

Week 3 And 8

As with weeks two and seven, weeks three and eight share the same rep range and sets and oce again week eigths weight should be aimed at beating the weight you lifted in week three.

Week 4 And 9

As above these two weeks will be the same and you should aim to beat the weight lifted in week four when working out in week nine.

Week 5 And 11

These will be by far the two hardest weeks of this program you will be lifting as heavy as possible for 6 sets of 3 reps, the small rep range allows you to lift as heavy as possible to failure. These weeks will come before your deload weeks (six and twelve) so give these weeks everything you have and lift as big as possible and week twelve you should be looking to out perform week fives numbers.